Monday, 15 March 2010

can’t fight the sunlight

That day
I saw lot of somebody want to be a 'sun'
Brings the shine and daylight to everybody
Draw the rainbow when the dark is gone
Create the smile on everybody face

I was not there
And always not there
I don't want to be a 'sun'
I just want to be a 'small-disposable-two-AA-powered-torchlight' on my mum's aging cupboard

Out of known world
I was anonymous.
And remain anonymous there
Until; the dark comes; and there is no other alternative; people (by force) will seek some lame light from me.

Of course, I will last no longer than that (Oh, credit for this made-in-china-AA-batteries)
But, before times come; I will always available; for a small strike of like; at least for somebody

That's all

I was, is and always be; there.

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