Wednesday, 10 March 2010

All of you are NUTS! (or maybe a bolts)

Nuts and bolts are mean to life have together. There always be a bolts for each nuts; and the word 'always' mean 'most of the time' and not 'compulsory'. Why? Simply because there are some nuts and bolts simply left over; overlook; and some other situation that apart them from 'the one' designated for them; or simply nothing/nobody designated for them at all?
Nuts and bolts are mean to have life together. Damn. This sentence simply repeats the first sentences of the above Para. Thus ignore it. Or simply ignore this paragraph as total. A nonsense Para after all.
Nuts and bolts are mean to have life together. (Again!). Once they meet the similarity in needs; they will stay in that particular relationship forever. Ops; there is no forever in this life. Thus, their relationship will last until one of them obsolete; spoilt; and useless. Or simply because the is some naughty hand that screw them apart; instead of screw them close.
After all, that is nature call. As there is nothing stays forever in substance.
Err one minute. There is something that bothers me here.
There always a 'washer' in between of this two 'fated couple'. 'Washer' always be a mediator; a simple gap; a tolerant cushion between both of them. Why we need 'that'? cause, too close relationship without 'some gap' in between may not stay long; cause somebody will be hurt by somebody else. Damn. I should say 'something' will hurt 'something' else during this relationship.
Err do I sound like engineer? Automotive Engineer maybe? If I really do, then you will found 'recall for car faulty' will become common in near future.
Don't understand me? That is easy. Simply call me nut. That just enough to summarized everything; I suppose.

Bolts and nuts are metaphor of you and your partner. A guy with a girl. A staff with a boss. A student with a lecturer. A taxi driver with a pedestrian. An 'A' with a 'B'.
The 'washer' is a metaphor of gap between you and your couple. Your 1% careful vs your 99% trust on relationship; your 1% hate vs your 99% full heart love to you partner; your 1% foot on reality vs your 99% fantasy in your mind; your 1% insecurity vs 99% your securityness; and maybe some other 1% out of someother 99%.
I don't know others; but I always have my 1% everywhere (expect with Allah); cause human is imperfect; there have their own weaknesses too; thus 99% is already too much, I suppose.
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