Tuesday, 24 August 2010

O F F L I N E ( a g a i n )

Dear all, i will be away for a while.
Thus, don't expect me to spit out anything here; for quite sometimes.
This 'home' will left open for any visitor; but sorry, i have no dates left to share with you; at this moment.

For mukminin and mukminat; behave yourself.Allah grant you nothing more than those you can handle; and bring you closer to HIM. It is your say; either you come closer; or not.

With Allah will, I pray for everyone's happiness; here and life after.

Salam Eid Fitri to all my beloved bloggers; in advance.
But please don't forget that; Fasting itself is the 3rd pillar of Islam, and not the 30-days of 'raya' =)


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