Saturday, 2 January 2010

Complaint box

"Ya Allah, kenapalah susah sangat aku nak bahagia nih"

Ops, tu bukan aku yang cakap, tapi itu petikan dialog Tiz Zaqiah (a.k.a Nur Amena) dari cerita Nur Kasih. Cerita penuh sedih dan tak diam dengan mainan emosi. Logic tak logic citer tu pun, berjuta pi tonton gak. So, congrate untuk Khabir Bahtiar dengan team nur kasih.

But nur kasih is not my topic of for today. Dugaan hidup is!.

Everybody (er.. almost all to be precise) spend some time (and some other spent most) of their 24-hour days complaint; how terrible is my situation, the life never fair to me ever and the list of agony in word getting longer than we could imagine.

Complaint does drive our life.
Complaint can release some stress. But they don't, if you complaint too much.
What we need is an emergency exit plan.
We need courage out of uncomfortable life. We need energy to move on and not to waste useless on anger and crying thousand year in agony.
Move on! A short sentences, but meaningful. A simple in words but terribly difficult in life.

Simple thought.
Allah never fail to be fair to anyone. Allah never 'grant' us with something that we can't handle.
I know you know that. Everybody also knows that. This is open secret
But why we seems like ignore this fact when we let emotional overtake our rational? Time to think about it

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