Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Air dalam termos tak selalunya panas. Kadang2, jalan kaki pi lunch lagi panas. Terik!

or translated as; if you switch off the thermos, then the hear will not sustainable la. It is damn simple, yet (stupidly) forgotten!

Angry mood again? No. I am not.

This post neither it all about not-so-smart-human-that-so-'human'-till-make-mistake-again-and-again nor about thermos. This is about us!
(do I know you all? I don't, but I believe I know you by your default setting. A human setting)

I try to be cool and calm. But I am not so-effective as refrigerator to keep that coolness level. I am more of radiator who explodes when the heat is not bearable anymore. Am I weird? No! That is my symptom of humanity. As such, it also applied to you all (unless you are Na'vi or Cylon). Vampire still a human (err ex-human) after all.

My anger is more of disappointment. But that had gone, and is a history to learn. So I am better human now (perhaps).

Me, as a human (human again? Err I don't blame Allah for whatever happen and who am I right now, but this humble statement that show how weak am I without Allah to bless and facilitate me in my life) do have my certain limit just before my anger being switch on.
But, it is again up to me (us) to take some precaution step before the limit blow.
We have Allah to fall back.
We can divert the anger to some other external drive partially. It can goes through some physical activities (jogging, meeting friends) or simple on soft method (by sit on the beach and let the ocean do the massage on us). But I don't do that (ya I know, it is my fault then). Then, the anger explored (and I channel them to this blog. WT*!).

Today, I on better side of myself. Just wait for next challenge of life. Hope, I could survive well then.

To you all to. Survive well dude!

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