Thursday, 31 December 2009

BE[a]ST FRI[sk-to-the-]END

How best someone can be?

Understood, we need others just to make up our life. No one life alone (cause you need your parent anyway). But there are some people who pretending (sorry cause I just can't find other word best to describe them, other than this harsh 'pretending') that they can survive alone. Just alone.

But that not my issue for today, bestfriend is.

Since I literally know what life means, I realised that I do attached to somebody. Someone who really close to me, until I decide to call him; my bestfriend. Then, the definition of bestfriend grows over time and being redefined to incorporate my updated first-hand experience. One main principal in friendship that always firm in my mind is; do accept him with your heart and don't expect too much!

A long journey of life has gone. 26 years had passed, and now I am here.

A perfect (friend) ship still got a long voyage to go. There are few stop on the journey. An emergency stop; to replace those tired (bored, mind-changed, being-difference) captain. Thanks for the experience. Thanks for the agony being back-stab; by then only I realised there is plain eyes drop behind my egoistic. Thanks for left me with broken trust. I do learn a lot. Learn from the hard way.

But I never stop my journey.
There is no complete broken relationship. I do have a great one(most of them are great by the way). A real great gift from God (Allah) in my life.

They pull me up from my fall, and teach me more than I should know. Only God (Allah) can repay them as I never had enough to do so. Not even for single minutes they spend to be a great friend.

Past tense. Then now move on. Life should ever move on, until God (Allah in my case) call me back, to report with my HQ. A guaranteed destination!

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