Thursday, 14 January 2010

Should I or should not?

Syukran Ya Allah.

Passed b
oth initial stages with one attempt.
One more stage to go

But, the conflict remained.

Am I (financially) ready for this pay cut post due to 'unclear potential' bright future?

Am I (mentally) ready for random quick environment changes (after changes)?

Am I (emotionally) ready for
well-known gov ('so-called-improved') working environment?

Am I ready to be part away from my beloved coming daughter?

Should I or should not?

Anyway, there still one more stage to go.
and there is nothing sure that they will choose me as sometimes i do not sure should i choose them or not too!

For now, I abandon this thinking process first.
Let them be my problem next couple of month, if there is.
If not, I still looking good here.
Life have no end, until i reach the next check point.
A call from Lord of Mankind (Allah). A death call.
Unavoidable non-schedule call.

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