Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dream Car(e)!

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Ops, sorry I don't have any dream car.
I never dream for any car.
Never mean never.
yup it weird.

Few years back.
Gurls and boys ask me the same 'typical' college question.
what is your dream partner?
my answer always; err…should i?

I never dream about a gurl?
If I say yes, than it is fake. I am lying then!

Should I dream a religious gurl?
daring and the gorgeous gurl on town (cute should be more than enough what!)?
smart (for two)?
that's not my style.
I don't have specification on what she suppose to be, cause I just want she being herself.

So, what is your dream gurl? (the same stupid question come again)
my answer:
err sorry, I don't have any.but, I do have a girlfriend.and she will be my future wife.


The scenario is; I choose her year back before I know most of the cute gurl in this world.
That was before I really know what is 'miss', 'love' and 'care' all about.
But then,I choose her because she is my destiny.
that's all.

Back to my car.

What is my dream car?

Again.I don't have dream car.I am free from specific-great-long-term-vision.I just being me.Myself as today.

Hey, what is your dream car (Stupid! Never answer the question with stupid long no-objective word line!)

Oho, ya that question.
My answer is, I don't have one.I buy car not because I like them, but I need them.Whatever it going to be, it will be my car.So, can I call it my dream car? Or do I care about it much more than that?

I don't have a fantastic dream.My life like sponge. I absorb everything fated.I just follow the step forward (in front of me).I accepted whatever granted by Allah on my journey back to see Him (Allah).
So, my dream life is my life now.White or black, it still my life.The one that I life on.
so, what is your dream car dude?

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