Friday, 8 January 2010

Call for O[ver]T[ime-thinking]!

There are few church caught on fire which believe set up by anger group [and again, they claim this anger group as Islamic group].

I believe this issue direct or indirectly affected by high court decision, which go favorable for Herald Weekly News group.


Islam don't promote us to burn other religious worship house. Al-Quran said so, thus it should be true. A firm true to be obey!

So, why we (if the newspaper is true as said so) then set up fire on that church?

Sign of anger to whom?

Anger on that court decision?

If we upset with court decision, why then we set up fire on church? Why don't express them in right way?
If you upset with court decision, then change the person who make decision (And check their competency and independency!)
If you cant change the decision maker, then we change the person who make this 'decision maker' in power!
Simple? No, it is not!

Obvious not. Just a call for calm thinking!

[Sometimes, let your mind working overtime! After all, Al-Quran should prevail our defect mind all the time]

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