Saturday, 27 February 2010

I learned something here

The day before yesterday. My wristwatch dial stagnant at no 3. That was at evening. A hot evening.

Wad 6C; Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh.

Sat on the yellow chair provided by Hospital; there was one guy; a good looking Malay guy, sat beside me.

And the story is about him.


Kuiz Tion : your child Jaundis Neonatal too?
[good conversation start? No it is not. I should introduce my name and say 'salam' first. But then, people get use with this kind of ice-breaking. A simple is breaking. It is like saying 'today is pretty hot rite' to the girl standing beside you when only both of you waiting at bus stop. Trust me, at least the gurl will nod a bit; if she don't say 'ya'. An effective ice breaker rite!]

Unser : Yup.
[his answer; simple. By the way, I should not ask that to him, as this Ward 6c is designated for Jaundis Neonatal deceased. Stupid? I am not. I just being a common Malaysian who always ask 'Nak beli ikan ker?' when bump onto neighbor at wet market. Default Malaysian. Ops, maybe should said a default polite Malaysian J]

Kuiz Tion : which one?
Unser : there. Third from left. The one with my wife [like I know who is his wife!]
Kuiz Tion : oho. [pretending!]
Kuiz Tion : how bad it is? My daughther was 240 this noon and hike up to 280. Now admitted. Yours?
Unser : my daughter 270. Next reading will be this evening.
Kuiz Tion : make sure she exposed to phototheraphy exactly 4 hours. If not, Jaundis Neonatal will remain higher and then will be admitted to ward.
[norfaridahanum; please check my fact. I not a doc afterall]
Unser : Yup. I know that.

**silent pause**

Kuiz Tion : first child?
Unser : second.
Kuiz Tion : how old the first child?
Unser : [smiling] he was dead.
Kuiz Tion : [gulp]
Unser : she was 5-months old that time.
Kuiz Tion : Any specific chronic decease?
Unser : I can't recall any. She simply called by The Almighty the day after get injection from clinic. A monthly injection.
Kuiz Tion : [puzzle]
Unser : He got fever that morning, confirmed death on noon, then buried evening. There is no postmortem. I called them off.
Kuiz Tion : Sorry.
Unser : It is okay. I can't blamed them. It is Allah's call. I can't blame Allah rite. [he smiling]. It is fated.
Kuiz Tion : [impressed]
Unser : but my wife was fainted that day.

**silent pause again**

Unser : but then, Allah give me another. [smiling] the only thing is, she is gurl, the last one is boy. But I still thanks Allah for that

I say nothing after that.
I am thinking.

He prove me this; Allah will never test people more that their surviving ability.

Glad that Allah grant him so much of patient in heart.
In another view; I glad that he also accepts that Allah will always give rewards for every success trial.
Ya, the death was a trial for him; and he success with flying colours.
Can I be that tough if tested as such?

This is normal story. A normal life of Joe average.
Some people simply harder to beat than the rest. They are not born with that, of course!

[Jaundis Neonatal = demam kuning]

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