Tuesday, 16 February 2010

13th floor: My definition

Some people do ask me, why I choose 13th floor for my suicide entry?
It is look simple, cause 13 is moron no in western culture.
13 is a simple bad luck for some.
Honestly, I am so naïve; cause I just can't see the reason for that believe.
For me, it is wrong.
'13' is more than a 'simple 13'.
It is more that simply a bad luck no; after all it is not a bad one.


By default, we will return to our origin; at last.
People are origin from a soil. A mixture of soil.
(Semen? That is not our origin, but a mediator for continuous human generation process)
It is come from black, dark brown, white, and the list getting longer than I know.
thus, default rule, we will return back as soil. Buried and obsolete; some decay.


We borrow our existence of life from our Ultimate One; Allah.
We need to return this life and body (alive or not) back to The One; Allah.
Then why 13th floor?
Should not Allah have no physical place?
Yes, that is fact.
And 13th floor is not where Allah is.
It is metaphor.
13 is * W 1 in some version.
[read from your right to your left]
still can't see the reason?
Then, sorry. I cant help!

* This 13 twisted to inform W 1 with 'Brush Script MT' font.

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