Friday, 12 February 2010

Lempeng goreng aku hangus!

This entry is in relation to my previous entry.
What do you understand about Malaysia Truly Asian?
Err… CinaIndiaMelayuBerbagaibagai (CIMB) all together. So we all Asian lah by nature. Is it?

What do you and your opinion on MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home)?
Arr.. To help unsold high end real property Malaysia sold?

What is ambassador and high commission task from your understanding?

Ermm.. Report how many malaysian involve in earthquake or tsunami from that country?
Tiga kali goreng. Overcook. But still look raw.
Apa yang awak paham dengan keje nih? Ke main mintak jer
*the answer is rakyat first, performance now. to perform best to for the people and fight for the best. but something better come out from my mouth* keje nih saya paham senang naik *apa yang naik?*
Do I sound like bribe taker^^?
Or simply GIlaPANGkat?
So unconvincing. Anyhow, it is ended. Let's move on


^^(easier way to getting rich and closer to high-end-prostitute with that kind of money rather than climb up the ladder)

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