Monday, 8 November 2010

I am beautiful, no matter what they said, word can’t bring me down

…and yes,
word can’t bring me down.
It is me; myself; who can drag me down to the earth. My very own mind can do that!

~ Erk. Ok. It is all Allah; who can bring us down! But, we always can do our best for everything; Allah know when we reach our limit; and not ~

As long as we know it well; we know what is right and what is wrong; then our thought should never being wrong (perhaps!).

But, (a big but), we are human afterall. Thus, ‘Practice make perfect’ is simply a lying statement. Perfect should never being an option, cause we can never reach them; eternity.

So then, why we are chasing for perfect-ness?

* smile *

ya. title is not mine. it was quoted from CA's song; and I share them here.

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