Thursday, 27 May 2010

self appointed observer

Perasan tak, yang entri lepas tu sebenarnya monotonous dengan beberapa entri yang pernah keluar dalam blog. Bosan bukan? Maaf lah; but that is the fact of life. You need thousand motivator just to give you some good foundation to stand; but it is because one stupid big-talker, you will be a loser the next day.

Blame game?
It is not; at least, from my perspective.

Am i try to be a motivator here?
Straight answer: No!

My word spit out here directly dedicated to my own life. For my own motivation and for my very own life.
Yup, I know few of my best blogger buddy here through their problem. Through the hard way. I may seems to be a good guy with a full armed strong; but actually i was on different field.

Me, myself is a self appointed observer.
I jump into any bad ship and try to be hero. Try to be the savior. Knight in shining armor.
But, in fact, I am super inferior.
I simply weak than anybody.
Thus, those inspire words is actually for me. And if it is applied to you too; consider them as accident. A good accident.

aiseh. a mumbling-isme is back. crap. cut these craps.

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