Friday, 30 April 2010

The monologue guy is here,

under his own name; Rafa benitez.

I wish Benitez will get better job soon; so that, he and club will enjoy new phase of life. Never said Liverpool not good enough for him; but, for good sake, he should go. He may enjoy greater life somewhere else; maybe Old Lady or simply Madrid.

I will never say Benitez terrible; credit to CL final at Istanbul; but people need change to move on. Like I said before, he should never stand still there and hold the roses tight to his chest and let the roses wash away; badly.

So, the rule is simple.
Benitez and his chosen one; Lucas, Insua and Ngog; enjoy their new start somewhere else.
Then the never walk alone start all over again.

2010 we left empty hand. That's okay if we enjoy good run of performance; but the fact is not; no 6 should no be a good result. So change is compulsory; for better future.

I think, that's all. I just don't want to say more.

I'amsosupernotcool, hope your Gunner will not losing your Fab-captain this summer. We still mentally suffer from the day Alonso left us.

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