Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The monologue end here.

There was a boy. A boy with a bouquet of roses on his hand. A left hand. Holding them tight; close to his chest. There was a smile on his face too. A cute face.

But then, he just stands still. Move nowhere. Let those precious time blown away; as easy as shadow gone when there is no light.

Second after second. Minutes gone. Hours passed. Days keep coming. Years queue on the list too; but the boy; the same boy; still stood there; with the same gorgeous lips; smiling.

The bouquet is there too; but not with the same sweet smells anymore.

I just wonder; how far the stupidity can go; for that boy?

He seems to believe that the adorable lips curve can simply brought him ever lasting happiness without any other effort.
Doesn’t he know that everything has their designated expiry period (except The Almighty Allah)?
Doesn’t he believe that you will only gain as much as you work and pray for?

Love and appreciation is ongoing process. You will lost them as much as you ignore them!

Keep moving boy! Or simply take a pen; and write for emotive lament speech.

The monologue end here.

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